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10 Totally Bogus Stresses You Need to Let Go Of

Let’s face it: this is a stressful world! And while I can’t advice you to stop opening your monthly bills or driving to work so you can avoid traffic (though believe me, I wish I could tell you to do just that!), I can say that many of our daily stresses are actually incredibly simple, incredibly avoidable imaginary stories that we’ve attached our happiness to. So yes, you still have to fulfill all your daily responsibilities, but while you do, remember that THESE silly stresses are only figments of your imagination…

10 Stresses You NEED to Let Go Of

You’re always fighting to stay in control of it, get ahead of it, run away from what happened in the past of it, and none of it is doing you any good. Our obsession with time puts unnecessary expectations on us (especially as women in aging), and doesn’t empower us in the least.

Time will move whether you fight it or not, so let that sh*t go. The only moment have is right now.

Your Worth
The only reason you don’t feel worthy of anything — love, compassion, success, money – is because you keep telling yourself you’re not worthy. Ban that thought. It’s hurting you.

Comparison is the greatest killer of joy. The only way to combat it is to simply embrace yourself, your life and your gifts as totally one of a kind. Don’t worry about anyone else, just worry about being the BEST version of you.

When I was a kid, I saved a beautiful dress my mother gave me for a ‘special occasion’. But ofcourse, I outgrew the dress and that occasion never came. You won’t be able to take them with you when you go. So stop trying so hard to hold onto them, save them, or keep them save. Just enjoy them while you have them and remember no possession is as importance as what you offer to others.

We all want to feel beautiful, and there’s nothing wrong with that. But you have so much more to offer this world than your looks. Don’t worry about whether other people think you’re good looking or not; there are so much more important things to worry about.

Your Income
A wise man once said you can’t spend all your time visiting your money in the bank; the same is true if you don’t have money in the bank. You can’t spend all your time thinking about your money or lack thereof. If you have enough to let you spend time with people you love and eat, stop worrying so much about how rich (or not rich) you are. Our obsession with money is sabotaging our ability to see the simple joys in life.

Your Past
It’s not real, it’s not here, don’t worry about it. Stop letting it scare you, stop letting it be your excuse to not take risks, give away your love, and feel good about yourself.

In fact, all of these other stresses are wrapped up with fear, which makes them so intimidating and powerful. The fear is going to be there, but so what? When you were a kid, you didn’t let a little paper cut keep you from going out and playing in the yard. Work around it if you have to, but don’t let it stop you.

Stop counting the likes on your Facebook photos and start thinking about how you actually make other people feel. That which changes the world is rarely popular at the time; you have to be willing to go out on your own, and even be disliked if you want to get anything done.

Your body
Your size, your shape, your strengths, your flaws… We all have our insecurities. But as someone who’s undergone chemotherapy at a vital time in her personal development (age 17), and was bald and misshapen from steroids, let me just tell you: if you have a body, and any part of it works and allows you to enjoy even one moment in this world, you are a very lucky individual.

The body you are in right now is YOURS. It’s the only one you’re ever going to have. Stop shaming it, start treasuring it.

Rachael Yahne is a writer, blogger and cancer survivor currently living in Los Angeles. After years as a fashion journalist, she now writes lifestyle articles about purpose, passion, style, well-being and thriving after surviving not just cancer, but all of life’s big battles. You can read more of her work at HerAfter.com

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