How to Optimize Brain Chemistry Naturally

  Small daily measures can counter the negative impacts of “sneaky leaks” by: Lisa Leshko Evers MA, BSN, RN   Remember the last time you checked your bank balance? I will bet you were feeling quite confident that everything was great! You had happily returned to work after the pandemic and have been productive, diligently following...

Stress, Depression and the Holidays

The holiday season often brings unwelcome guests — stress and depression. And it's no wonder. The holidays often present a dizzying array of demands — cooking meals, shopping, baking, cleaning and entertaining, to name just a few. And if coronavirus disease 2019 (COVID-19) is spreading in your community, you may be feeling additional stress, or you may be worrying about your and your loved ones' health. You may also feel stressed, sad or anxious because your holiday plans may look different during the COVID-19 pandemic.

10 Things You Can Do To Stay Positive During COVID-19

Staying positive and optimistic during times of crisis can be challenging, but it’s critical to your mental well-being and immune system. Today, due to the hindrances caused by the Coronavirus pandemic, even individuals with the sunniest of outlooks may be having a hard time staying positive. Remaining optimistic in the face of social distancing and...

How to Create a Successful New Year Plan

Do you have a plan laid out for the new year? Do you know your priorities and goals? Even though it may change throughout the year, It’s important to give yourself a starting point to at least start the year on the right foot.

True happiness isn’t about being happy all the time

Over the past two decades, the positive psychology movement has brightened up psychological research with its science of happiness, human potential and flourishing. It argues that psychologists should not only investigate mental illness but also what makes life worth living. The founding father of positive psychology, Martin Seligman, describes happiness as experiencing frequent positive emotions, such as joy,...