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7 Daily Practices That Power Your Motivation

In the last four years, I’ve accomplished more than a limiting mindset let me believe was possible in my life. I lost 170 pounds, wrote and published three books and quit a job I hated to write and speak all over the world. I accomplish my major life goals when I used these seven things to stay motivated every day and through all the times of failure.

We live in the Information Age. We have access to blogs, podcasts and videos that can provide inspiration and instruction to help us accomplish our major business goals. With this unparalleled access has also come distractions that keep us from staying focused. A lack of focus then leads to a loss of motivation.

Making changes and working on goals is a hard enough task on its own. It requires an enormous and constant amount of inspiration to reach success in what you’re trying to accomplish. It takes inspiration and motivation every day to stay focused on the why behind what your business.

1. Have clear goals.

The journey to create success in your business has to start with a plan and that plan is created by the goals you set. Your goals are your why and the reasons you’re on this journey. They should be clear, actionable, and have a definite timeline. They should be written down either in a note on your computer or phone, or on something like a vision board. Know what you want from your life and how your goals can help you get there.

2. Create a plan the night before.

We’ve already established that goals get accomplished with a plan. In addition, to have a clear finish line in each major area of your life, you should take time the night before to plan your days. A lot of times people get frustrated from a lack of organization. Spend a little time each night setting priorities and then secondary goals that you’ll get to if you accomplish all of the priorities.

3. Get enough sleep.

A major reason you may lack motivation is because you’re not getting enough sleep. What the proper amount is will be different for each person reading this, but you better believe in the importance of a good night’s rest. It’s easy to sacrifice sleep in hopes of getting more accomplished. You tell yourself that the goal is too important—it is, but being rested is just as important.

4. Have some “you” time in the morning.

Technology has been amazing in helping us create success in our lives, but we need a break at times. Your morning should be yours—you should have some time away from technology to collect your thoughts and refocus. That time could be spent meditating or simply closing your eyes and tuning out your hectic schedule. Spend a little bit of time each morning getting mentally prepared for all that you’ll battle each day.

5. Avoid things you know will distract you.

To stay focused and motivated, you have to avoid the things that will get you off course. We’ve talked about technology and the Internet—they can help and hurt your progress. You should also avoid people that aren’t trying to get ahead in life. Their negative words and actions will feed into your self-limiting beliefs and hurt your motivation. Surround yourself with people who inspire you to be more in life.

6. Schedule “inspiration” time.

In your daily planning, set aside time to get motivated and inspired. Read a good book; listen to an inspiring interview with someone you admire. Watch a video that helps you see life and your goals in a different light. A daily dose of inspiration will help you keep those self-limiting beliefs at bay.

7. Remind yourself that time is precious.

Life is short. Conceptually we know this, but too often we don’t live our life that way. When you view life and time as precious, you tend not to waste it. You’re accomplishing these major business goals to create a life of freedom—always remember your why.

The best way to accomplish any major business goal is to break it down into bite-size daily goals. The reason you need to stay motivated each day is because focusing on one day at a time is the best way to achieve success. You want to have a general plan, but the daily execution is what helps you make progress.

Kimanzi Constable
Writer, Consultant, Lifetime Entrepreneur
Source: https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/279954

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